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Vacating a Premises

Tenants Vacating Guide 

We know too well that each tenant would appreciate their new home to be in a clean and pristine state when they move in, we also expect the home to be left in the same condition when they vacate, taking into consideration the in-going condition report and fair wear and tear during the tenancy.

We will commence advertising the property for re-let immediately after receiving the vacate notice. As per the Residential Tenancy Agreement, the tenant must give reasonable access to allow prospective tenants through the property when given notice.

We strongly advise that you use our recommended contractors to complete the cleaning, any repairs and maintenance at the premises. This gives our agency trust that the work carried out is to standard and they are working in the best interest of all parties to have the maintenance carried out in a timely manner.

Please see below a guide of what you need to action prior to vacating to make it as stress free as possible and have a quick turn around on your bond refund.

Special attention inside the property
1.Dust : Light shades, skirting boards, window sills, venetian blindsYes ¨No ¨
2.Floors: Wet floors mopped, carpets to be vacuumed and stains removedYes ¨No ¨
3.Walls: Marks cleaned rom wallsYes ¨No ¨
4.Windows : cleaned insideYes ¨No ¨
5.Kitchen: inside oven, inside griller, range hood screens, inside cupboardsYes ¨No ¨
6.Bathroom: soap scrum removed from shower and bath, toilet to be cleaned.Yes ¨No ¨
Special attention outside PropertyYes ¨No ¨
1.Keys : all keys to all locks should be returnedYes ¨No ¨
2.Windows: cleaned outsideYes ¨No ¨
3.Garden beds: weeded and pruned or trimmedYes ¨No ¨
4.Lawns : mownYes ¨No ¨
5.Hoses and fittings: returned and in placeYes ¨No ¨
External Presentation Yes ¨No ¨
1.Rubbish: all rubbish on the property to be removedYes ¨No ¨
2.Garage: must be empty of goods and belongingsYes ¨No ¨
3.Under the House: must be clear of goods and belongingsYes ¨No ¨
4.Garden Sheds: must be clear of goods and belongingsYes ¨No ¨
5.Pathways and Paved areas must be sweptYes ¨No ¨
6.Mail: Letterbox emptiedYes ¨No ¨
7.Garbage and Recycling Bins : must be left emptyYes ¨No ¨
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